Driving Lessons in York

We have a selection of driving lessons and courses to choose from in York, North Yorkshire. You can expect all lessons to be professionally delivered, reliable and well organised. We have driving courses to suit people at various stages and one to one driving lessons in York designed for success.

See our range of services listed below which can be taken with manual or automatic driving lessons.

standard driving lessons

You can take your driving lessons on a week by week basis and learn to drive at your own easy pace. Lessons can be taken in sessions of 60, 90 and 120 minutes and people are welcome to take more than one lessons each week if required.

intensive driving courses

Speed up the learning to drive process with intensive driving courses in York. Perfect for people in hurry to learn safely and pass quickly. Courses can be taken over 1 to 4 weeks. Learn with your local crash courses specialists.
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automatic driving lessons

Learn to drive with driving lessons in automatic cars. Make good progess on the road without the hassle of learning the gear, clutch and stalling the cars. Pass the driving test with automatic driving lessons and courses around York.
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motorway driving lessons

Learn how to drive on motorways in safety with a short, essential and highly recommended course. We cover a wide range of car motorway driving aspects which includes joining, leaving, overtaking and much more.

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refresher lessons

After a long time without driving a car it’s easy to feel a little rusty. Let our instructors revive your car skills, awareness and road confidence with a short course of refresher car lessons in York. Nervous drivers welcome.
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pass plus Course

This short course help new drivers to extend their road skills and knowledge with the aim of becoming a safer car driver. This course has 6 essential modules and on successful completion you can make savings on your motoring insurance.
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information & resources

Useful general information to help learner drivers. Driving tips and details about taking the theory and practical driving test in York.

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All car training is delivered one-to-one with no car sharing. We can start your lessons from your home, work or any suitable place around York.