Pass Plus Driving Course York

Pass Plus Driving Course

Pass Plus is a driving course which offers essential training to new, or inexperienced drivers. This short course of driving lessons helps motorists to increase their skill level, awareness, confidence and road safety behind the wheel. In addition, reduce your motoring costs by learning better efficient techniques of driving a car.

Why Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a scheme put together by the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It aims to reduce the number of road traffic accidents which occur in especially the new driver group. It does this by developing preparing drivers better for modern traffic conditions.

Many insurance companies who support the scheme offer reduced insurance premiums to people who complete pass plus car training.

Get extra essential driving experience

During driving lessons as a learner driver l-plates have to be displayed on the training car. Because of this, it’s natural for many other road users are likely to treat you differently than qualified drivers. For example, giving you more space or time to deal with situations on the road.

Once you have passed the test, inexperienced drivers now have to learn to fit in with traffic without the addition of l-plates. With Pass Plus you can receive professional guidance with this in addition to also helping you to deal with driving at a further advanced level.

Pass Plus York – The Modules

To start Pass Plus, candidates will need to have passed the driving test and hold a full driving licence. The courses consists of a minimum of 6 hours tuition at only £160. It has 6 modules which are town driving, driving at night, driving on rural country roads, all-weather driving, dual carriageways and motorway guidance.

Get Started

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