Preparing For Driving Theory Test

Taking theory test for driving is an essential aspect of learning how to drive and getting a full licence. On your driving lessons you will be learning the theory and applying this in a practical way with your instructor. It’s a good idea to start revising the theory early. It often helps a learner to grasp the concepts of driving quicker.

About the theory test for car drivers

Made up of 2 parts, the driving theory test has a section which contains multiple choice questions followed by a hazard perception test. You will need to pass both of these parts before you can apply for a practical driving test.

After you pass, you will be issued with a certificate which is valid for 2 years. This gives you plenty of time to apply and take a practical driving test during this time

DVSA theory test explanation video

What’s covered in the driving theory questions

This part contains 50 questions overall with a pass mark of 43. You will have an allowance of 57 minutes to complete it. These questions appear on a computer screen and some have just 1 answer, others have multiple answers. 5 of theses questions are based on a case study.

What happens on the hazard perception test?

After completing the questions, there is a short break before starting the hazard perception section. These are a set of videos which contain hazards to look out for. With 14 videos in total, 13 of these will contain just 1 hazard and one of these will contain 2.

By carefully watching the videos, once you see any hazards which are developing you should click the mouse which is provided. The earlier you take action, the more points you will score. There are up to 5 points available per hazard with a total pass mark of 44 out of a possible 75.

Theory test revision

Below are some very useful theory test resources for revision.

Take a trial practice test at :

For more comprehensive practice try out :

Once you are ready to take the test, you can look for your nearest theory test centre and book the DVSA driving theory test. The fee for taking this test is currently £23.00.

If you would like to discuss and matters about learning or taking this test, the team at York School Of Motoring are always happy to provide assistance.